Friday, October 05, 2012

When Mommy’s on a Mission

When Mommy’s on a mission
Nothing can stop her
She starts by sorting the boys’ clothes
She wants to sell some before the baby comes

She needs a trash bag
So she heads to the kitchen
When she’s in the kitchen
She remembers it’s time to drain the chicken
(it has been boiling, 3 recipes worth, for 2 hrs!)

She has to save the broth for another recipe
She pulls out all the pots and pans
She drains the chicken
The chicken plops into the broth
The broth spills ALL over the kitchen counter
She exhales and yells at the kids to stay out of the kitchen

She starts cleaning up the counter
She notices the top of the trim is really dusty
She dusts the trim
She notices the paper towel holder is dusty
She washes that

The counters get sanitized
The dishes get cleaned
She starts to now clean up the floor
Man, the cabinets are really dirty
She cleans the cabinets
Everything is put back in place

Laundry now needs to be started (it took lots of towels)
First the boys’ laundry needs to be switched over
Wait, the dryer has the guest room sheets in it
Where to put those?
The guest bed is full of things to sell at the consignment sale

Find place for guest bed sheets
(Would have been faster to just fold them and put them away)
Switch over boys’ laundry
Start towels (and clothes Mommy was wearing)
Double check kitchen…all clean!
Head back to nursery to sort through things

Now, what did I forget?
Oh yes, a trash bag
Head back into kitchen 45min later still needing that trash bag
Thinks “this sounds like a ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ story
Head to computer to dump creativity
She doesn't have much these days so she must capture it when she can
Explain to oldest that he cannot talk or the creativity will run and hide away forever
Finish typing

Head back to room to sort
Oh yes, she still needs that trash bag
She closes her eyes as she walks through the kitchen
Lest she see something else she needs to tend to

She finally heads back to her task she stopped now 1 hour ago
And now the kids have destroyed the room
And the organized piles…

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